Whale Watching in Samana

Every year, inexorably, from early January to late March, thousands of humpback whales come from the far north to the warm, calm waters of the Caribbean, to mate or give birth. And it is the Bay of Samana that they picked, considered one of the best places in the world to observe them.

It is a long journey of thousands of kilometers that the whales go through, most of the time mixing with momentary groups that quickly separate. These marine mammals weighing a dozen meters on average weighing up to 60 tons, breathe air as they regularly rise to the surface and then plunge again, sometimes breath-holding for up to 40 minutes.
It is a real pleasure and a rare emotion to see the mother whale playing with her baby next to the boat. As for the males… they know how to be tireless in seducing their lady and asserting their superiority. These gentlemen whales leap out of the water, leap, stand upright, or slap the surface of the water with their flippers to flirt with these ladies.
Males also sing songs that whales with their highly developed hearing (their primary sense) can hear up to 35 km.
An unforgettable experience full of emotion, an exceptional show just a few meters from the ship. In order not to miss out on this fabulous adventure, Nicolas, always so fascinated, will comment on each of their actions. Such a real pleasure!

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